This isn’t fair

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Undivided Youth

Author: Mikayla McClain, Youth Pastor

Quarantine is tough. There has been a habit ingrained over the years in me to get out of bed each day and get ready so that I can embark on what the day has to bring. Screeching halt. I now have at my hands the curse and blessing of rolling over in bed, grabbing my laptop and begging my work day. Thoughts that have crossed my mind during this time — “What’s the point?” “I’ll just pick this all up when things are ‘back to normal’.” “Why would this happen to our world God?” and even just “Why God?”

But the truth of the matter is this — the God of the world doesn’t owe us anything; not our normalcy, not our jobs, not our sense of rhythm, not even our health. The once-whiny “but this isn’t fair” from a toddler has now become the…

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